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Massage Therapy Training Program


Entry Requirements

At Spa Body N Beyond we believe in offering everyone an opportunity to study. Courses are available from JHS to University Graduates. Applicants do not need high educational qualifications to enroll. Classes are friendly to mature applicants changing careers.

All applicants are expected to fill a registration form and take the entrance examinations which determine the applicant can read and write.

Short intensive courses are also available for those with limited time on their hands.

We welcome International applications and offer the same standards of excellence to everyone.

NOTE: Admission for Programme is Quarterly; Admission for SHORT/SELECTED courses takes place throughout the year( January - December).

Our educational programs are constantly updated to keep students up to the current trends.


Our courses include the art of professional massage techniques combined with scientific knowledge, communication skills and business practices. Upon completion, our graduates have all the tools and training to be exceptional Massage Therapists or Aestheticians. Our programs are Certified by the National Vocational Training Institute (N.V.T.I).

Our students gain an important advantage through supervised hands-on practice in our teaching clinic. This experience builds confidence and proficiency. Our graduates have a competitive advantage launching their careers.

Swedish, Deep Tissue & Chair Massage Program

Introductory classes in anatomy, physiology, touch, and body mechanics lay the groundwork in the Swedish Massage course. Spa Body N Beyond students gain knowledge through this course that allows them to confidently step into the world of the massage therapist. The strong foundation of our Swedish massage course includes a first look at the terminology commonly used in the profession, prepares you to perform Swedish massage both safely and effectively, and facilitates an enjoyable learning experience. The Swedish massage technique incorporating effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, tapotement, and joint movements is presented. Students learn a full-body routine to help their clients achieve a greater sense of relaxation. The superior Swedish massage skills you develop enable you to advance to our next level of study, an integrated approach to deep tissue therapy.

Our deep tissue massage course trains the therapist to restore balance to the body by affecting the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Clients report increased relaxation, pain reduction, better posture and more flexibility as some of the long lasting benefits provided by a therapist well trained in deep tissue massage. You will learn to appropriately apply, ice therapies, and moist heat therapies.

After the Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage training classes, our students are trained how to perform chair massage as well.

  • A trained Massage Therapist can work at Salons, Airports, Malls, Outdoor Festivals, Corporate Offices, Trade Shows, Doctor's Offices or be self-employed.

  • COURSE:   3 months

  • Call or email for current course fee

  • foreign students call for free rate quote

Beauty (Aestheticians) Training

  • Starting Soon

Career Possibilities
For graduates of our massage therapy program, the possibilities are endless...
When you graduate from Spa Body N Beyond School, the leader among massage therapy training schools in Accra, Ghana, you may find yourself working in a health club, destination or day spa, sports facility, holistic health center, on a cruise ship, in a psychology or social work office, with a chiropractor, with athletes or in private practice just about anywhere. Some employers specifically recruit our graduates over those from other schools.

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Our programs are certified by the
NVTI Massage Therapy certificate

Massage Therapy Training Program & Continuing Education
by Spa Body N Beyond
Accra, Ghana

Our graduates have a competitive advantage launching their massage therapy careers. Register for our Swedish, Deep Tissue & Chair Massage Program
or Continuing Education Training Classes in the massage therapy training school by Spa Body N Beyond, East Legon, Accra Ghana.

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