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Waffle Weave Spa Robe

Kimono Cotton Unisex Waffle Weave Robe 
Kimono robes for hotel and day spas, this robes combines comfort and durability. The waffle kimono robes are bath apparel fitting for any plush resort or hotel. With Personalized monogrammed, these kimonos add a special touch to the spa experience. Bring comfort to your guests with kimono robes.

100% Egyptian Cotton. Available in various sizes. Wash Cloth, Hand Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheet.

Crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton - some of the finest cotton in the world - Plush and exceptionally absorbent towels. Towel is available in a range of soft hues to complement any décor.

Disposable Bras
Sizes: S M XL
Soft and comfortable disposable bras provide modest coverage during skin care services. Allow access for all services: underarm waxing, wraps and scrubs. Promotes relaxation and reduces the need for extra towels and sheets.

Disposable Thongs 
Perfect for Bikini Waxing and Spa Body treatments. Disposable for modest ladies and promotes relaxation.

Face Mask 
Non-woven Medical face mask.  Disposable surgical face mask with ear loop filtrates more than 95% of bacteria and dust.

Depilatory Paper
Perfect for hair removal. Waxing roll removes hair on body easily and conveniently. Super adhesion to wax.

Waxing Strips
Pre cut waxing strips. Made to remove hair from body easily and conveniently. Super adhesion to wax.

Facial Sponges Gloves Disposable Pedicures Slippers Disposable Toe Separators
Rubber Slippers by Okab Rubber Slippers by Okab Rubber Slippers by Okab Rubber Slippers by Okab

Massage Oil Bottle Holders

Holster holds bottle during massage or spa treatment. Belt adjusts to 40 inches with easy lock clip buckle.

Bottle Pumps
Wall Soap Dispensers Wall Soap Dispensers

Masque Masque Masque Masque
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